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Masterpiece 4 davon alleine Taron. I did not watch an on-ride POV before this moment, nor did I know what to expect. Launch Launch Inversions, Airtimes After the amazing first hill, you enter a really intense turn and then one of the most amazing "Intamin twists" ever, and once again, the lapbar makes it better than say, Maverick's, to name one. Layout, Theming Intensity Lap Bar Masterpiece Duration Intensity Love the capacity of this thing. Masterpiece, Airtimes This is why I came to Phantasialand. Phantasialand has produced yet another jaw-dropping theming to make the experience even more awesome. Pace Launch Taron Winja's Fear Winja's Force Gebirgsbahn Grand Canyon Bahn Reviews 73. To me it seems as though it was slower in the videos, but videos do not do this ride justice, at all, it's much more intense than it looks. It already looks amazing without the logo. In the front, you felt the airtime hill a bit more, but back seat, the g-forces were stronger in the curves. Fun, Airtimes Launch Klugheim replaced the former Silver City themed area of the park. Intensity As the day moves on it warms up and just gets better and to top it off, it gives one of the best night rides you will find on any ride in the world. Theming Theming Launch Theming This hardly describes the experience we all love and perceive differently. Theming It has been a while since I spent an entire day riding roller coasters, but the ones in Phantasialand were amazing! Geschiedenis. It has great airtime, great positives, great laterals & whippy transitions, it's so long, it's incredibly smooth & comfortable, and the theming is the icing on the cake. Layout Dead spots. Lap Bar There are, however, a couple of dead spots on the ride that don't match up to the rest of the layout; a banked turn before the S-bends leading in to the second launch, and the turn before the final airtime hill. Intensity. Best roller coaster I have ever done! Only real downside is the catterpillar queue near the sound barrier. Capacity Fun Intensity Masterpiece Masterpiece [2] Taron opened on 30 June 2016. The decor and ride themes were brilliant and we loved the way that the rollercoasters were intertwined and crossed paths etc. Are you ready for Raik and Taron? Reliability, Theming Taron is a multi launched coaster that is opening in Phantasialand in 2016. En mooi dat net Taron mijn 100ste mocht zijn. Now Phantasialand seems to really draw very different reactions from people, some people think its the best park in the world. Masterpiece Masterpiece, Inversions Some says it's almost a "family" ride, but it is not. Launch Theming Taron – das ist Synonym für Highspeed und pures Adrenalin. Masterpiece Masterpiece Theming Additionally, the track is very long, on my first ride it felt if the ride didn't want to end because when you expected the brake run, there was still another turn or twist. It’s of course the first time that it’s open for a large group of people, which naturally is a challenge. Superbe theming, great second launch. – Flying Launch Coaster – at Phantasialand in Brühl, Germany. A park I have heard so much about. Inversions, Launch Launch Launch Taron was custom-built into a new area of the park called Mystery in 2016, debuting as the world’s fastest and longest multi-launch roller coaster (72 mph/ 116 kph and 4,330 ft/ 1,320 m). Layout. could be better It's not like they need to do much for it anyways lol. Duration I'll just start off by saying that the restraints on these newer Intamin rides are fantastic! Phantasialand: TARON - See 2,981 traveler reviews, 2,852 candid photos, and great deals for Bruhl, Germany, at Tripadvisor. The theme and near-miss elements certainly increase the thrill of the experience, racing through the medieval village of Klugheim, and it's the kind of ride you will immediately want to do again. Masterpiece Launch P.S. In addition, the ride only has one moment of airtime and suffers from having an uninspired layout. Duration Layout, Theming You get a lot more near misses, and you also get wet on the waterfall after the second launch. Discomfort, Theming Pace Launch But it's absolutely fantastic, and surprisingly intense. Launch It does a lot of different things, but nothing what other coasters couldn't do better. Duration, Airtimes 1. Comfort. First half already feels way fast and features two amazing moments of airtime, the better one being a twisted airtime hill. Intensity, Theming Intensity, Airtimes Layout, Theming Fun The restraints really do make this ride since they outdo Mack's in every possible way. - Also the ride provides a unbelievable experience in every seat of the ride with the front ones being the best (Right a tiny bit better than left), Theming I ride it regularly (several times every few weeks) and it does not get boring at all. The launch, the airtime, the transitions, the intensity, the near-misses, everything about this ride is flawless. Dat is een zogenaamde familie-boomerang-achtbaan, die tussen Taron en de rotsen door scheert. Lap Bar I can't even find words to describe how fantastic this ride is. Capacity The whole area of Klugheim is expertly themed and the coaster is extremely well integrated. Fahrzeit: ca. Amazing theming. Inversions, Theming In Phantasialand genieten bezoekers van meermaals bekroonde attracties die garant staan voor een buitengewoon avontuur en uitzonderlijke attractiepret. Launch Launch Masterpiece I got a chance to visit Phantasialand this week, so I'm writing a little review. Amazing coaster with an incredible launch, great airtime moments, pops of intensity, and rapid transitions. Capacity, Pace River Quest vormt samen met Mystery Castle het parkdeel Mystery.River Quest opende in 2002.De ruimte daar werd voordien ingenomen door de Gebirgsbahn en de Grand Canyon Bahn, tot een brand op 1 mei 2001 deze achtbanen verwoestte. Intensity Taron. The trains has very good comfort and the forces during the ride are very very strong. Lap Bar Yeah your right. De g-kracht-normen waarbinnen een achtbaan moet blijven zijn wettelijk vastgelegd en worden in Nederland gecontroleerd door de instantie TÜV Nederland. Launch Worldwide Shipping Available as Standard or Express delivery Learn more. Probably the best themed coaster. Intensity The ride is stupid intense. Pace, Theming Launch Smoothness, Airtimes The poorly designed seat makes the transitions quite uncomfortable (There's nothing that keeps your body upright). Masterpiece. Dead spots Fun, Theming Duration, Lap Bar Intensity It's amazing). Bruhl Tourism; Bruhl Hotels; Bruhl Bed and Breakfast; Bruhl Holiday Rentals; Bruhl Packages; Flights to Bruhl; Bruhl Restaurants; Bruhl Attractions; Bruhl Travel Forum Duration, Nice surprise! Intensity, Masterpiece 2 Antworten Flurhocker 24.06.2017, 10:51. Comfort Ejectors, Theming How did I even survive that ride ? It leads you to the highest point of the ride, followed by the best element - another very violent twisted airtime hill. Bei dem 2. Ejectors, Theming Intensity The only other thing is the reliability as the coaster went down a few times during my day at Phantasialand. Smoothness, Masterpiece Duration, Nonstop fun. Op Dagtickets bestel je eenvoudig goedkope kaarten met korting voor Phantasialand. Ejectors, Comfort Theming Dead spots, Theming I've loved this coaster since the beginning and I'm so happy I was able to ride it. Phantasialand: TARON - See 2,981 traveler reviews, 2,852 candid photos, and great deals for Bruhl, Germany, at Tripadvisor. This is a true masterpiece... from the theming, to the layout, to the intense two launches.. it was the most intensive ride i've ridden so far... to bad I only had the chance for one try, so I cannot tell this is my number one in Europe thus far after another go.. Airtimes Smoothness, Theming Theming Inversions I would love it somewhat more if the launch was a tiny bit snappier. Duration, Airtimes The second launch is insane and the highlight of this layout. und ich möchte unbedingt mit Taron fahren.letztes jahr waren wir auch ins phantasialand da habe ich mich aber nicht getraut mit Taron zu fahren. E-mailadres. We went very close to Christmas, and despite attempting to get there before doors opened, we had to wait 25 minutes to ride the Taron. Phantasialand remains closed. Comfort Night rides are a must. Theming See more ideas about theme park, roller coaster, park. Dead spots, This coaster is a masterpiece! Pace, Launch Launch Intensity Capacity, Comfort Das Phantasialand hat sehr viel Geld in diese Bahn und in die Thematisierung gesteckt. Masterpiece, Theming Disappointing! Layout The launches are surprisingly snappy and the whippy transitions are top quality! Yes you can feel the G-force stronger than Taron, but it was soooo smooth and the inversions were fun. In zes prachtig gedecoreerde themagebieden Fantasy, Berlin, Deep in Africa, China Town, Mexico en Mystery geniet je van meer dan 40 spectaculaire attracties en wervelende shows. Reliability, Theming Nice surprise! Taron: Achtbaan met 4 wereldrecords in Phantasialand Taron is een achtbaan die sinds 30 juni 2016 geopend is in het nieuwe themagedeelte ‘Klugheim’ in het pretpark Phantasia… 10 originele attracties in Phantasialand Phantasialand in Brühl bij Keulen is een van de populairste pretparken van Europa. Very minor shortcomings (trim, some parts without interesting Elements,...) prevent it from receiving a perfect score. Layout, Launch Phantasialand Coaster Cars Design Slim Fit T-Shirt ... taron sweatshirts & hoodies. Masterpiece Fun Dead spots, Airtimes Comfort The decor and ride themes were brilliant and we loved the way that the rollercoasters were intertwined and crossed paths etc. During the ride, you race through this really intense overbanked turn (After the highest point) which is, in my opinion, one of the most fantastic moments of the ride and one of my favorite overbanks. Smoothness Just an amazing Complete package! Intensity, Jesus Christ this ride is fantastic. Calling all speed demons! Taron's and Winja's queue looked absolutely disgusting because of this, and even on the main pathways, there was litter everywhere. A fantastic mix of positives, negatives and powerful launches. Layout Masterpiece, Masterpiece Comfort Wie hoch sind die maximalen G-Kräfte bei Taron im Phantasialand? Launch, Theming There are also some spots with strong positive G's. Once clear, the train is launched to a speed of 49.7 mph (80kmh). Launch, Theming Masterpiece [3], Upon departure from the station, the train makes a slow U-turn onto the launch track that is parallel with the station. My favourite part of the ride was probably the twisted airtime hill midway through the second half, but no part was especially weak to me. Theming But don't get me wrong: it still provides a punch. Capacity, Theming Rattle Masterpiece Duration of the ride is fantastic and you instantly feel that this is a highest quality ride. We spent a day at Phantasialand with an overnight stay at Hotel Ling Bao. Highly recommended to all amusement park enthusiasts! Taron, Black Mamba and the log flume (one of the best I've been on) were our favorite rides at the park and are all must ride attractions. Capacity. Theming You pass really close to some buildings and dive over the launch track. Raas mee met Taron, de snelste multi lanceerbaan ter wereld. Rather, it’s how densely packed the track is and how the train zooms through the tight layout and many near-misses in such quick and swift manner. We visited on Thursday 3rd September, when i believe schools had returned, so while the park was quite busy it wasn't exceptional, with queue times typically being 15-30 minutes for roller coasters and 0-10 minutes for other rides. You've got 2 good launches (especially the second one), fast tranitions, good positive g-forces and a very good airtime moment (and some weaker ones). Daarnaast hoort de intensiefste LSM-lancering in het rijtje van de records. Phantasialand: Taron, Raik, and Colorado adventure are a MUST - See 2,998 traveler reviews, 2,883 candid photos, and great deals for Bruhl, Germany, at Tripadvisor. Some of the most comfortable restraints and seats I've ever sat in personally, but I don't think they're quite as good as MACK Mega trains or GCI Millennium Flyers. Theming Launch Fun This ride is a masterpiece! Pace Layout Dead spots, For me this ride has some great moments however some parts of the ride are considerably less forceful and fun than other parts. Masterpiece, Airtimes It is up till now the only coaster that gave me euforia when I left it. Duration And if you are eating your Schnitzel on the market place, you will hear it, feel it and you want to ride again after your meal :-), Theming The coaster has 2 launches, very fast paced curves, very smooth, some intensity, nicely interwoven with the scenery and very fun to ride. Fun With a top speed of 72.7 mph, Taron is the world’s fastest multi-launch roller coaster.In addition, it also breaks the world record for the most complex layout, as shown by its record-breaking, jaw-dropping number of track crossovers: 116 times. I don't say this often, but an inversion would have been a nice distraction from all the twists and turnarounds during the course. Taron is just a masterpiece: Nice transitions, great airtime, awesome theming and two great launches. Airtimes Pace Launch I don`t know if my leggs will be happy if the G-forces are somewhere near to those of Maverick. And describing F.L.Y objectively alone is also difficult, as some facts are not known yet. This all is packed within an amazingly themed area. The layout looks not really extreme from the outside, but it still provides plenty of fun and great thrills. Launch Masterpiece Apart of that it has a long duration. Fun Amazing coaster. Ejectors, Pace Masterpiece Duration Most intersecting track points on a coaster (58), This page was last edited on 26 September 2020, at 17:16. Smoothness Lap Bar Launch, Comfort Ejectors, Theming Masterpiece, Absolutely Unbelievable. Capacity, Comfort ^ Yeah, jaw-dropping "finetuned" quality! I also saw very few janitorial staff at all which for a park so focused on theming, atmosphere, and beauty would be really helpful to maintain that awesome atmosphere Phantasialand strives for. Masterpiece Masterpiece, Theming Layout, Airtimes COMPRA TUS ENTRADAS A PHANTASIALAND AL MEJOR PRECIO AQUÍ: https://jerezcoasteradventures.pa-community.com/phantasialand-n8b6785 Hola … Intensity, Theming Such a masterpiece of a roller coaster. Well, the warm weather conditions on my day of visit may have contributed to this, but I never really felt something like this. The theme Klugheim is amazing and immersive. Ejectors Intensity 4 trains with 4 cars. Launch Launch Two great launch experiences, feels insanely fast, throws you from one side to the other, super long duration and a mindblowing theming with multiple head choppers and near misses. Attraction Highlights Taron. Sven: Hold on to your horses everyone. We didn’t receive any info or … De G-Krachten voel je goed op je lichaam. Ejectors, Airtimes

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